Site & Portfolio Updated, Redesigned

This site and the content of my portfolio have been updated to show my most recent work as well as older work. The list includes work that I did at SpiderOak for the web, mobile and desktop. At Ark, for the web and mobile; then some other projects.

The last two months have been filled with updating this site.

  1. The content
  2. The backend
  3. The SEO

I needed to update the content of my portfolio, as well as move from Squarespace software version 5 to 6.

The projects include the following:

Web Projects

File Browsing

List View, View Files, ShareRoom File Upload

Administration Management

New User Authentication, Service Signup Process


Ark Site, Web Forms

Other Projects

Wikipedia, Social TV, User Management

Mobile Projects

SpiderOak for iOS, SpiderOak for Android, Mobile Web, Ark Mobile

Desktop Projects

SpiderOak Mac Desktop, SpiderOak Mac Installer, Mac OS Removable Drive & Folder Icons, Windows MSI Installer